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Making Use of Home Equity in Order to Regain Credit 2

The true fact is that you can get credit again following your bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is in some ways also meant to provide you with a fresh financial start, as well as the ability to rebuild credit will be part of that new start. Obviously, just as with all good things; there is a procedure that you will have to follow in order to rebuild credit following bankruptcy and it can be very full of downfalls, many of which can be avoided.

• Try not to take out loans or use credit unless you can afford to make timely payments. This might sound like it is obvious, but lots of good consumers make the mistake of taking out loans that they cannot afford to pay every day. Try not to get so eager as to rebuild your credit following bankruptcy that you feel that you will need to rush into it. You will need to figure out whether or not you can afford the payments. If you assume that you can stick to the payments every month, but can afford to miss a few after a while, your credit will never go up and you will likely end up back in debt and worse than before. You will need some detailed information to take out a new loan.

• Check your budget., and if you don’t have one; try to create one before you even consider applying for new credit. With your budget, you can figure out exactly how much the payment on your new account will be. You can also make use of a loan calculator which will do all of the work for you.

• Establish a comparison with the amount of payment and the income which is available to you. Available income simply means reliable income that isn’t committed to another area of your budget. Don’t base it on any money you might have, instead try to work with the money you do have. Try not to forget to leave some for savings/emergencies, so if this new loan payment implies that you are spending all of your monthly income, you won’t be able to afford it.

• Try to beware of hidden costs. There are many reputable lenders who specialize in offering second chance loans, but their interest rate will be higher. This is given to consumers who have low credit scores or have filed for bankruptcy. However not all lenders who will do this are actually reputable. When you have filed for bankruptcy and know that your credit options are limited, you might be tempted to accept terms that would normally be ridiculous. Lenders have knowledge of this and some will make the most of post-bankruptcy clients by giving them fees which are unnecessary, crippling late-payment charges, and hidden costs. It’s more important that you watch out for this following your bankruptcy.

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