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Making Bankruptcy Work Best for You 2

Cleaning up all your credit errors is quite simple. Deleting negative credit that is accurate also requires some assistance. Credit report mistakes can easily disappear through the use of a simple letter dispute. That is how easy it is.

If you gather all the paperwork that can prove that the error is really as mentioned above in Rapid Rescore, you can send copies of that together with the dispute letter. This will make the credit bureau's job more easy and you will get your results faster. If you don't have the right documentation that can prove the mistakes, you should send the dispute letter anyway. According to federal law; the credit bureaus have a reasonable amount of time in order to validate your claim. They will need to contact the creditor to verify your dispute. From there onwards the account will be reported properly or will be deleted. Generally, it has been accepted that the reasonable amount of time is about one month or 30 days.

3. Riding Someone Else’s Credit Coat Tails

This is a quick and not very well known method to boost your credit score. However, it requires a relationship of trust. More basically, someone else will have to add you to their credit account for this to function. For instance, when you apply for a credit card, you might’ve seen the section where you have to add a card holder. This is where you will want to add someone to your account as their payment history will now be reported on your credit report as well. If they have perfect credit, then you will also have a perfect credit account.

If you want to improve this further, you can use an account which is aged. Meaning that if your friend or family member has a credit card account which is 10 years old, with a perfect payment history and a balance of only half of the credit limit, that implies that this will become part of your credit history too. The easy part about this is that this person will just call the credit card company and request a form in order to add a cardholder.

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