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Common Credit Repair Tricks 3

Legitimate counselors will usually want a face-to-face meeting to go over all your financial details with you and they will also spend a lot of time trying to educate you on the process and how it truly functions. Here are a few important questions that you will need to ask yourself, if you would like to be sure that you aren’t dealing with a scammer:

• Who will come up with the plan, and who can I talk to about it?
• Has this company had any previous problems ? You can find this out by calling your state's regulatory or consumer offices in order to see if there are any complaints or actions that are being taken against them. Try not to forget to check with the company's home state if you must, and make sure you run the business and names of the company’s main executives through a couple of search engines.

• How are these people paid, how much and when do they receive their payment? As you can do your own free credit repair, this is why you must ask. It may be a bigger benefit to do it yourself. You should also want to go with an organization which is affiliated with the two main nonprofits, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies. They will provide you with help for a small fee that is nowhere near the hundreds.
• If any, are there any downsides to the plan? Any real credit counselors are careful to present the positives and negatives which lie behind any plan. When they scam you, they will always overlook the bad side in favour of the upside.

• Did you contact them first or did they contact you?
• Why are you not doing it for yourself?

It should also be remembered that you should not be told to make payments for your credit report. You are entitled to receive a free copy of each of your credit reports each year. Look out for sites and services that are attempting to charge you for it, or for those who attempt to charge you for your credit report when you choose for their credit monitoring service.

Your credit report will not be modified no matter what is claimed and many scammers will tell you that you will have to pay for the entire report but can get a portion of it at no cost. Many people find this disturbing, but it does happen every day.

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