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Common Credit Repair Tricks 2


The Clean Credit Scam- In this case, the claim is that you can get your credit cleaned fast and make use their contacts in order to get you a mortgage (or credit card or loan). This is one of the more recent credit repair scams and coincidentally it is also one of the most costly. Tricksters dangle the promise of needed money or loans in front of desperate consumers in order to encourage the consumer to pay them up front fees that never seem to end. Some of them actually claim to legitimize credit counseling agencies, while others also tend imitate mortgage companies.

And as there are some true community nonprofit groups that really want to help teach the consumer and help them find affordable mortgage loans, scammers might also try to copy this. Any community-based organizations with a good reputation will tend to focus on education, and they won't charge loads of money in order to do it. They also work with lenders and government agencies you should have already heard of before and must be able to show you proof of it.


The 900-number for details on how to get your credit fixed.
This is a pathetic scam but it is still quite effective, and is often combined with any of the others which are mentioned above. While you are seeking help, the tricksters are looking to keep you on the line for as long as possible and make a profit from the charges per minute. This is just like every other 900 number scam. Nevertheless this one is also easy to spot and work through.

Scammers are often quite unclear on details when they are talking to you on the phone. If you have trouble understanding or explaining their proposed plan for cleaning your credit, this should indicate to you that it might be a scam.

You should also try to watch out for any offer of guaranteed credit with these numbers as it will almost surely be a fraud. This is the same thing for anyone who claims quick fixes. You should always be on the look out for nameless, faceless so called credit repair companies.

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