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Common Lies You Should Expect From Credit Repair Companies

The first common lie that credit repair companies will tell you is that following a bankruptcy, you won’t be able to get credit for the following ten years. The truth is that you can start building a positive credit history as soon as your bankruptcy has been discharged. Whilst creditors will be careful in dealing with you at first, you can slowly demonstrate your fiscal responsibility, and build yourself a solid history that can lead lenders to see you as a good credit risk a long time before the bankruptcy has been removed of your history report.

Warning Signs of a Bad Credit Repair Company

As much as we would like to believe that credit repair companies wish to help out the little guy, many of them can be quite dishonest with their dealings with them. They will lie and charge ridiculous fees and even out right fraud. Thankfully, there are some warning signs that you can see beforehand and recognize. Here they are:

• Do not make use of any credit repair company that doesn't follow industry standards or regulations properly. In order to find this out, you must go to your own state government website and check.

• Don’t make use of a credit repair company that claims that they are able to completely wipe out or get rid of your bankruptcy; in order to remove accurate negative information from your credit history, or if they claim to be able to get credit for you no matter what your credit history mentions.

• Don’t use a credit repair company that will promise to make use of some sort of secret or little known holes in the system as a means to help you to remove information from your credit history.

• Don’t make use of a credit repair company unless it can easily give you a written disclosure of your rights in relation to your credit history before they ask you to sign a contract. Any contract that you sign will have to include all the terms and conditions of payment, a completely detailed description of the services that they are giving you, including any guarantees of performance and an estimate of how long it will take for the contract to completed. The agreement should also comprise a right to cancel the contract for at least three days, in case you get second thoughts.

• Don’t use a credit repair company that will attempt to charge money before it has actually done anything in order to fix your credit.

• Don’t use a credit repair company that will try to prevent you from directly contacting the major credit bureaus by yourself.

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